We are deep in the Climate Chaos. We need local Heat Adaptation for Animals and Plants.

Mirrors local installed can lower the regional Temperature significantly and so avoid dangerous Feedbacks.

We are currently developing plain Mirrors for Urban and Agriculture use for thermal Mitigation. Parallel we develop several Energy Mirror Hybrids and Solar Radiation Management related to CO2 Certificates.

We need all Hands on Deck so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Months to Act

We have only Months to act

Months to Act – Mirror Hybrids

Mirror for Earth Energy Rebalance US is this Way https://www.meerreflection.com/ We want to develop Mirror Hybrids for the South like: Heliostat Solar Cocker Chimney & Cool the Roof Mirror Downwind Methane-CH4 Skrubber Mirror or Solar Weiterlesen…

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We need all Hands on Deck for Mirror Hybrids for plain MEER this Way: MEER:Reflection

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